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how to curl hair with rollers at home

how to curl hair with rollers at home

how to curl hair with rollers at home

Make an interesting and an unusual hairstyle, you can own hands. Every woman wants to look impressive in any situation. Pompadour perfectly suited to any outfit. It can be done at home, without the need for costly on-site beauty and hair salons.

Hairstyle Pampadur, so also known as stacking with rollers, ideal for volume, lush and curly hair. Pampadur is a great solution for women and girls with a rounded oval face, as it visually pulls his head.
To create a hairstyle with roller curling need for hair to pre-curl hair, studs and pins, as well as hair spray or foam.

At the initial stage will increase the available amount of hair. To do this, divide the hair into curls and curl each in curling (curling hair).

To create more volume in the parietal part of the head separated from the lower hair tresses. The resulting strand to secure the crown of the head pin or barrette and let it sit for a while.

Collect the remaining strands and twist in the roller. The ends will be let loose. Then go back to the hair separated at the crown, and nacheshite them from the roots. To comb strand fillet roll in the form and give volume using the spray, and then lock the pins. The remaining ends of the hair from the bottom strands tighten up in the direction in which podkrucheny strands on top. If some of the strands had escaped from hairstyles , then tighten up their forceps. Fix the resulting hair lacquer.

Hairstyle with rollers can be done a little differently. Zacheshite all the hair from the nape of the neck upwards. Grab the hair with his left hand at a distance of one-third of their length from the roots. The resulting tail fix rubber band and wrap hair inside at the roots around the index finger of his right hand. Hair ends bend down and tuck under the resulting roll. roller located centrally secure the top clamp and then podkoly pins so that curls will no longer fall out of the beam. The remaining strands of hair around the roller kill it using stealth. Hairstyle is ready.

In addition, there is a version of the hairstyle with contact roller, which will also look great. Rollers for hairstyles can be purchased at any specialty store.

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