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10 tips for a new hair color

If you want to change the usual way, the easiest way to do this by changing hair color . Select the color you like – half the battle. Color should be suitable not only for your image and attitude, but also under the exterior of your type. Picking the right color palette, you can choose the right hair color and method of staining. How to determine the type of appearance, the right hair color and what mistakes to avoid, you’ll learn in this article.


We select a new hair color without risk and without haste

At a fundamental change of image, do not forget about the exterior of indicators that are always with us. Of course, you can use the tanning and colored lenses, but in the overall palette of your image all of the colors will still be in harmony with each other. To begin to determine what type of exterior do you feel about: warm or cold.

Types of exterior


• Cold skin tone. Moreover, the skin can be very light, even white and dark. The main thing is that the tone is flat, there is no natural blush and freckles.
• The eyes are dark brown, green or greenish-brown.
• Natural hair color – a darker shade with a cold.

The paint in this case may be several options, all of them are quite intense, as the saturation of colors in clothes, make-up – what is recommended by the owners of this type of appearance. So, so the girls will approach wine and red colors, as well as pomegranate, eggplant and ruby.


• Light skin with a delicate pink hue and a natural glow. There are freckles.
• Dark-green eyes, sometimes with a yellow tinge.
• In most cases, light hair, sometimes with a reddish tinge.

With this appearance is the right option – highlighting and coloring in shades of soft red palette.


• Light skin with cool shade.
• Blue, blue, gray, gray-blue eyes.
• Curls with ashy shade, both light and dark.

So the girls will approach highlighting, all shades of brown, chestnut and walnut.


• The skin with a yellowish or olive tinge, sometimes with freckles. Maybe a light and dark.
• Brown, green and dark-gray eyes.
• hair with a golden, reddish or reddish tint.

So girls should choose brown color with a reddish tinge, and dark red.

10 tips for those who decided to change hair color

• If you are new to painting, start with unstable paints . These colors are usually washed away after a few times you will wash your head. If you are not experienced enough, unstable paint – what you need, unless you do not paint a gray hair to its natural shade or color in a color different from the natural one or two colors.

• does not follow the pictures on the box when choosing a paint color. Check shades better designs in the catalog and their names. On most boxes you will find only the color (blond, brown, black or red) and shade (light, medium, dark). It can also be specified tone (ash or golden). Besides it is not always clear how the new color will be on your hair.

• Your skin tone – warm or cold? Most shades of colors are either warm or to cold. Your type is likely to warm, if you have golden, olive or dark skin and dark eyes (most of the inhabitants of Africa, Asia and Latin America fall into this group). You can easily tan and the veins on your wrist green. You are “cold” if you have light skin and blue or green eyes. You are more burns than tan, and you have blue veins. If in doubt just because of sunburn, you will soon warm than cold.

• Select the appropriate color. If you are a representative of the warm type, prefer golden caramel and bronze shades darker than your skin. Avoid black, which makes you homely, and not strive for a bright golden hue, which can be orange on the hair.

• How do you know whether you will become a blonde? A simple but powerful rule: those who in childhood had blonde hair, they go into adult life.

• Correct blond. Copper shade may look quite sharply on those who have warm skin. Choose a warmer tone. If you have brown hair, and you decide to become a blonde, the selected tone should be light, otherwise you will appear colorless. To make the contrast more highlights. And remember, the better the light-dark color emphasizes the green or hazel eyes.

• Ginger can afford almost any but the most important – find the right shade. Women with a cold or pinkish skin look best with red hair.

• Gray hair can be difficult to resist staining because of its structure. If you have less than a third of white hair, it is best to take advantage of unstable paint on lighter shade of natural or coincident with a natural tone. Unstable colors less damaging to hair. If gray hair longer, it is best to choose Ash resistant paint, which is invisible, “replace” in the gray hair blond.

• If coloring was unsuccessful , you will need to seek the assistance of professionals. Colouring over color can be difficult. In addition, it is important not to damage the hair.

• Do not attempt to disguise itself dramatically . Houses can be painted for those who want to change the color on a two-tone or color gray. If you have brown hair, dark blonde will look good. If you’re determined to change, it is necessary to do so in the cabin. There you will prompt whether you can afford a sharp change from your natural color to one that is very different from him. In addition, professionals guarantee quality work and taking care of your hair.

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