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How to grow long hair?

Most people experiment with peculiar appearance. But it so happens that get what you want in a short time is simply impossible. In growing a hair care products for years, and I want to change the image right away, without waiting for a hypothetical future. How to proceed? There is a way – follow the advice of professionals and listen to people’s advice, then maybe you will find your recipe!

Rapid diagnosis Before the implementation of techniques, find out what the source of your problem. There can be several, and each of them requires its own solutions:

  • shortage of protein – the main building element hair;
  • a slowdown because of the cold; lack of necessary vitamins;
  • split and break off the ends; dry and fragile structure;
  • loss of whole strands.

General recommendations

Avoid stress. It has been established that the nervous stress is a major cause of baldness.

Limit your exposure to chemicals. If you really set out to get a long and healthy hair, ever forget about chemical perms and coloring. Such procedures have a negative impact on the health of hair.

Be careful and attentive. The strands may be damaged even for the most common rubber bands or barrettes. No less dangerous rush when laying and combing. It is strictly forbidden to touch the wet hair after shampooing. Make it a rule to regularly use special protective oils from mechanical damage.

Stay in the shade. Try not to be exposed to direct sunlight – wear wide-brimmed hats or any head wear. Ultraviolet is very harmful, not only the skin but also the hair, which, because it becomes brittle, dry, dull and inelastic.

Moisturize the ends. They are quite real to protect it from the bundle by using nutrients. For example, to treat with special conditioners, lotions or jojoba oil.

Do not torture your hair with hot action. As you can rarely use the curling iron, hair dryer and so on. The heated air – dangerous enemy because it provokes the loss, thinning and brittle locks. This is – an additional stress, so dry after washing the head in a natural way.

Watch for skin health. Dandruff – a sign of a lack of important substances.

Take care of the tips. In particular, a haircut in the salon just a few centimeters. This procedure will not only get rid of the damaged parts of the curls, but also significantly reduce the burden on the bulbs, optimizes power locks. To save ends in good condition by protecting them from the harmful influence of the air, making a variety of bundles, beams and so on.

Use the assistance of professionals

Experts know what to do!

Want to speed up hair growth? You can help professional products:

  • ampoule preparations or special lotion to stimulate;
  • Medicinal conditioners and shampoos, promoting regeneration.

Such compositions should be carefully washed off, otherwise the skin will pull together an unpleasant aftertaste, interfere with the process air.

Visit beauty treatments

Of course, that was the effect, you need to hold them on a regular basis. In beauty salons make:

ozone therapy and meso therapy – to saturate the hair useful substances; physiotherapy – to normalize the blood circulation process.

Analyze food

Your diet should be helpful, optimal and balanced, with a maximum of essential trace elements. Do not forget about vitamin and mineral agents. Turn the menu:

  • swordfish, beef, almonds, eggs, dairy products (proteins);
  • cereals, rabbit, green peas (vitamin B);
  • brewer’s yeast, brown rice (biotin);
  • citrus fruit (any of these groups), currants, kiwi (vitamin C).

Resort to hair mask

With butter

Mix 100 ml of aloe vera (juice only) 15 kap. extract, tea tree, 10 cap. rosemary and cedar oils. Hide the liquid into the darkness, stir once a day. 7 days – and it is ready for use. Rub the skin after each shampooing.

With fermented milk products

The recipe is simple: a few times a week, apply to the roots curl yogurt, kefir or sour cream. This nourishing mask should be washed off after 20 minutes.

Since yeast

You will need a beaten egg white, 1 table. l. yeast and 1 tsp. l. warm boiled water. Prepare the skin, wait until dry and wash your hair.

With onion / garlic

Grind to a mushy state a few cloves of garlic (you can replace them with onion), put on 30 minutes.

With cognac

Hold for 1 h, the mixture of Table 1. l. balm or brandy, 1 egg yolk and 1 table. l. castor oil or burdock oil, and then wash the head.

An important point – the preservation of the hair

During the intensive growth of locks require special care. This affects their health, shine and strength.

Do self-massage. He – an excellent stimulating procedure, which is not too difficult to hold in a domestic environment. Carefully, circular movements stroke the skin, rubbing special gels or conditioners.

Use the tincture. In particular – pepper or marigold (calendula) in a proportion of water 1 to 10. They need to smear the hair roots to enhance the process of receipt of nutrients and improve the blood supply to the tissues. Repeat every other day.

Do not neglect the decoction of herbs. They can rinse your head after washing. For example, have proven themselves well chamomile, burdock, calendula, nettle. Plants – a storehouse of nutrients.

Moisturizes and nourishes. In addition to the popular masks you can buy pharmacy. Also pay attention to the air conditioners, balms and other preparations with a vitamin-mineral complexes. Naturally, all means must be suitable for your hair type.

Find a quality shampoo. Look closely at the composition – welcome extracts of medicinal plants. But the funds, which can cause dryness and irritation, it is best avoided.

Take flaxseed oil. It contains Omega-3 – a polyunsaturated fatty acid, indispensable for the functioning of every cell in the body. Incidentally, this material is not produced by the body, so it is recommended to eat every day for 1 table. l. Flax oil. This will provide a nice healthy shine to hair and skin – the softness and elasticity. Take aromaraschesyvaniem. This technique really works, and does not require much time and effort. All you need – a comb with frequent teeth (choose only wooden) and essential oil (from the smell, which is more like).

Smooth hair – what to do?

If you have tried all methods, and it does not work, the main thing – do not despair. Perhaps the reason lies not in your tresses. Often their quality affects the health of other organs. To obtain a lush locks, first cure internal diseases. Often they have a negative impact:

  • problems with the nervous system (neurosis, depression, stress);
  • borne viral and infectious diseases (tuberculosis, SARS, influenza);
  • endocrine and gastrointestinal disorders;
  • improper metabolism (slow or rapid);
  • chronic diseases (diabetes, gastric ulcer).

Think about the problems with the body have occurred in recent years: they and could affect the condition of hair. Health to you and your hair!

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