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hair color (colour) trends and highlights 2017

If you want to change the appearance with a new hairstyle, a hairstyle or coloring, and are not afraid of “severe” experiments, then pay attention to this kind of coloring strands as weave. Modern masters of hairdressing constantly improve their skills, learn the latest fashions and … tend to naturalness. If highlighting that women did 10 years ago, gave a clear effect, that is, looking at her hair, it was possible to say with certainty that they Streaked, today masters emit dignity that nature gives. Many people ask the question: ” What is fashionable highlights in the year 2017? ‘The most fashionable highlights – are natural shades.

Highlights can brighten hair absolutely any length and any haircut. No matter what the girl curls -dense or rare, in any case, this expert will not spoil them. Experienced professionals make highlights in the short, medium and long hair. In some cases, the master especially recommend this type of staining. If sparse hair, then using visual highlighting can give them volume. If you wear a short cut. which is not always easy to stow, the staining cope with this problem. as others will see on your head neat cap. Highlighting helps to disguise gray hair, particularly if the gray hair is just beginning to emerge. And if a lot of gray hairs, the experts advise to do toning gentle shampoos.

Everyone knows that the painting is not good for hair health, but if you do highlighting, coloring the composition does not affect all the hair, but only on the painted strands. In addition, Streaked strands is not very noticeable growing roots, so you will have to paint curls infrequently.

Highlighting is a classic, Venetian, American and zonal .

The most natural effect is the classical staining.

highlights on brown hair

Highlights on dark hair

Venetian painting involves the application of paint on the tips of the strands midway and with a smooth transition.

Highlighting on long hair

highlighting on multiple ink colors

Highlighting called zonal. when the master selects only the top color strands, with an emphasis on the very top. This standard set except it has an asymmetric, avant-garde and creative highlighting. species that are suited to girls, respectful of unusual solutions.

best hair color highlights 2017

highlights on blonde hair pictures

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