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How to open a hair salon.Business plan barbershop.

How to open a hair salon

How to Start a Hair Salon Business As you know, any business starts with planning: before you go to any actions you need to consider everything, calculate and draw a clear business plan. In this article we look at the typical business plan Hair Salon Economy Class on two double rooms, …

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Albino People: a blessing or a punishment?


Human psychology is arranged in such a way that is peculiar to him to be afraid of those who did not like him. For example, albino people , who were awarded the special nature of the genome and have white hair in a silky linen, porcelain-pale skin and almost transparent …

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Spring Hair Trends


One of the new articles in the category ” Hair “is devoted to fashion images of the Spring 2012. In this article we will focus on trendy hairstyles and styling , which offer top stylists . It should be noted that much of what is proposed “generator mode”, we know …

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Summer Trends 2012 for hair


Summer hair Trends 2012 In early 2012, already thinking about summer and all the hairstyles you will be able to adopt. Wavy hair, wet look, braid crown: Summary of trends for next season. Easy hairstyles ponytail The returns but is now shifting to the side. How to make a nice …

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The structure and types of hair


Hair – a decoration of any person and make them look good, they must be protected. To keep your hair, you need to know what they are. The hair on the 3% consists of water, and 97% of the protein. Protein substance – keratin enriched with sulfur, trace elements (iron, …

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Makeup for Hair


Usually we used to do makeup for face, hair, also require more styling. But today, for a more glamorous evening hairstyle or to highlight the natural beauty of today it is fashionable to use makeup to hair. Tuning your hair do not only stars, but ordinary girls who want to …

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How to apply hair gel?


With the help of hair gel , you can create a variety of hairstyles. Unlike varnish, hair gel can be put even the smallest strands or even individual hairs. Knowing a few simple secrets to women, you can create a hairstyle for every day of any type. Female magazine tell …

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