Slicked back hairstyles for short hair

Slicked back hairstyles (6)_resize

Hair trends are constantly changing and evolving. Say hello to the easy, Slicked back hairstyles ! Ladies, in this post you are going to have the chance to look at the Fabulous Slicked back hairstyles That Will Make You Say Wow. For months we’ve been noticing Hollywood’s most popular girls …

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How to open a hair salon.Business plan barbershop.

How to open a hair salon

How to Start a Hair Salon Business As you know, any business starts with planning: before you go to any actions you need to consider everything, calculate and draw a clear business plan. In this article we look at the typical business plan Hair Salon Economy Class on two double rooms, …

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3D Hair colour technology

3D Hair colour

3D Hair colour technology  -Tempting for the stylish new beauties in color. Blame the unusual method of changing the color of hair belongs to Japanese art. The peculiarity of this holographic technology is in painting individual strands. Professional client chooses for the desired combination of three close colors – part …

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Hairstyles for Pear shaped face


Owners of a pear shaped face occur less often. For that women naturally very grateful, because, unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult types of appearance, requiring skillful camouflage flaws by well selected haircut and hairstyle. With the right approach will help your hair to conquer surrounding originality. Believe me, your face …

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Albino People: a blessing or a punishment?


Human psychology is arranged in such a way that is peculiar to him to be afraid of those who did not like him. For example, albino people , who were awarded the special nature of the genome and have white hair in a silky linen, porcelain-pale skin and almost transparent …

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Remove bald with medication – possible?


Men are complex because of the bald, and women of this by and large do not care. At least talk about it in the results of opinion polls interent media and forums. Moreover, if men know how to care for themselves at home and regularly perform salon treatment , the …

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Horse shampoo – whether it will replace a professional?


Some people prefer to beauty salons for a home and are actively using homemade masks, creams, shampoos, cooked according to recipes of traditional medicine. However, not all folk remedies as harmless as it seems. For example, the ratio of doctors to the horse’s shampoo that people use to strengthen the …

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Spring – time to do hair!


Spring has come into its own! However, for many women it does not advance the joy, and vice versa – an occasion for sadness. And all because, after the winter, our bodies tired and spent all the reserves accumulated over the summer, and vitamin deficiencies and lack of nutrients, as …

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